It’s incredible to think that the over 70 percent of our planet’s surface is under the water. How much of that has actually been explored? Will we ever discover all of the marine life forms? Did you know that an estimated 50-80 percent of all life on earth is found under the ocean’s surface?! Look at this octopus named Dumbo – yes, after the Disney character. I kind of want one. It’s literally a whole new world, under the sea (insert joke cymbal crash here).  

To date, less than 5 percent of this mystery world has been explored. The Emmy award winning BBC nature documentary series, The Blue Planet, delves into the shores and shallows brimming with life and uncovers unseen depths of the marine world. This is the first time the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra has ever attempted a grand movie-like project and we are so excited to perform The Blue Planet in Concert at the Clay Center on March 19th!

The WVSO is bringing in a huge 18x32 feet HD screen, and two 20,000 lumen projectors so it will be the same experience as watching a show on a movie theatre screen, but you’ll have the special added effect of a live orchestra to play along to what you’re watching! Maestro Grant Cooper will be narrating the documentary and conducting the orchestra. He and a few other musicians will have click-tracks in their ears that give them cues of when to come in. 

Tickets start at only $10! If you get Tweet seats in the second balcony, you’re free to share your experience in the concert hall on social media – make sure to tag us! I’ll be snapping embarrassing videos of myself and some orchestra members attempting to speak whale (hey, Dory!) so in case you’re interested, add the WVSO on Snapchat with the username: wvsymphony. 

Sea you there!