Iran may seem like a whole new world to you (insert Aladdin joke here), and it probably is, but it might not be the world you picture it to be. 

Every visit to Iran is centering, and every time I set foot on this specific part of the world and breathe in the dry (and somewhat polluted) air, I get an innate sense of belonging that is indescribable. I've always felt that America is my home -- I was born in Charleston, West Virginia and I grow more fond of the state that everyone flees as I get older. Iran however, is a different kind of home. There's something grounding about going back to your roots and seeing, smelling, hearing, and experiencing the people and the culture that made you, well you. 

I'll be traveling to Iran in December for about a month, and I am so looking forward to being back in the wintertime (it's not all desert, I promise). I received so many notes thanking me for posting photos during my last visit because it portrayed a different side of Iran, that I've decided to blog while I'm there. If you're vaguely interested, feel free to subscribe to my blog or check back often for updates.

While I will be seeing family during my visit, I'm hoping to visit a few different major cities and truly rediscover the country to showcase the beautiful art, history, food, music, and people who aren't much different from you or I. 



P.S. Internet there is scarce, and there's a lot of restrictions, but amusingly enough there's one solid way of reaching me: Instagram. Iranians love Instagram, and that's one of the only forms of social media that isn't heavily regulated. Follow me!